Team and spectator’s infos

Team and spectator’s information

The four best drivers of each nation qualify for the European championship. In case of an insufficient number of drivers, there’s the possibility for drivers of other nations, (who didn’t qualify in accordance with the condition mentioned above) to register for the championship and be part of another nations team.

The European Championship differs from the German Trial in respect of the following points:

  • The level
  • The event (two consecutive days)

The level is far more complex than the level of the German Trial. Comparing the Eurotrial-Prototype-Section with the German one, the section’s profile is the whole day comparable to the German Prototype final section.

The championship takes place on two consecutive days (Saturday and Sunday). After one day the interim result will be announced. The penalty points of Saturday and Sunday are equivalent in the overall ranking. At the end of the second day, both results will be added up to determine the European Champion of each class.

Special team information


The nations can register from the July 25th in the race office at the location multi-purpose hall.

General team information:

  • Each nation is permitted one service vehicle in the area.
  • Between the trial area and the multi-purpose hall, only vehicles approved for road use are permitted.
  • Nets or arm straps are obligatory.
  • Refuelling only allowed in the signposted area.
  • The purchase of meal vouchers, in case of additional demand, is offered until. Thursday in the trial-office located at the location multi-purpose hall.

Inspection of the section:

Monday to Thursday from 5pm

Vehicle inspection:


Free shuttle service for drivers from the trial area to the location multi-purpose hall (back and forth)!!!

Test section:

Friday from 10am

Presentation of the drivers:

The presentation of the drivers takes place on the trial area of the company “Quarzsandwerk Lang”. All drivers of all nations will drive together in convoy to the location multi-purpose hall on Friday, where they will be presented to the spectators.

The distance travelled by the driver’s parade will be about seven kilometers.

Camping area driver/ Camping area fans/ accommodation:

The municipality Gschwend offers various possibilities of accommodation (see municipality Gschwend). From Monday, July 25th, the Camping area for driver and fans as well as the camping area located at the location multi-purpose hall will be open. During the complete period of the championship, the use of showers and restrooms is guaranteed as well as the wellbeing concerning food and beverage. A supply station is available every day. Furthermore, various shopping facilities are located in close proximity to the trial area.

Camping area fan prices:

5€ per day – shower and restroom included

General information

The event:

On the event days, sufficient parking lots are provided for one-day visitors. All parking lots are signposted. In case of full occupancy of the parking lots located next to the trial area, additional parking lots are available in Gschwend. For visitors parking in Gschwend, a free shuttle service is available all day.

Free parking lots!!!

Free shuttle service!!!

Admission charges visitors:

Saturday/ Sunday each 6€ (1-day-ticket)

The whole weekend 10€ (2-days-ticket)

Children aged 0-16 are free of charge