Location multi-purpose hall Gschwend

The venue for the European Championship is divided into two areas. One area is the location of multi-purpose hall.

Between the location multi-purpose hall and the trial area goes a shuttle bus for free!

 Map: Location multi-purpose hall


  1. Multi-purpose hall: Registration/ information/ introduction driver/ dinner for driver (Welcome Party)/ presentation ceremony/ shower and restroom
  2. Industrial area: Camping area helper
  3. Industrial area: Camping area driver and fans
  4. Industrial area: Shopping facilities

Multi-purpose hall: Presentation ceremony, Welcome-Party , shower, restroom, etc.

Multi-purpose hall: Presentation ceremony, Welcome-Party, shower, restroom, etc.

Information for arrival:

Multi-purpose hall Gschwend

Hagstraße 26

74417 Gschwend


As already mentioned there are two event areas, the location and the trial area. (Continue to trial area)