NEWS 23/07/2016

As of Tuesday, 26/07/2016 EVERY MORNING there’s a bakery food truck from the company Widmann at the location multi-purpose hall.

The countdown is running… (Continue …)

Current Information

In the news section you will find all the current information about the venue, the program of the European Championship, etc.

Location multi-purpose hall Gschwend

The venue for the European Championship is divided into two areas. One area is the location of multi-purpose hall. (Continue …)

Trial area “Quarzsandwerk Lang” Logolang

As mentioned above, the venue is divided into several areas. The second area is the trial terrain. (Continue …)


Team and spectator’s information

In the section Team and spectator’s information, you will find information concerning nation’s registration, vehicle inspection, the event and so on. (Continue …)